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  • Hey everyone,

    I thought some of you might be interested to know about an upcoming project I recently got involved in called Warsoup - an upcoming real-time strategy first-person shooter.

    Warsoup actually started as a game being created in Construct by Thomas Mahler. Some of you might remember him as the guy who was working on 'Sein'. The first version of Warsoup was a pixel art platformer game where you ran around shooting waves of monsters and building up defenses and upgrading your weapons.

    After experimenting with different game mechanics, he decided that 3d would much better suit the game, and began making a 3d version using Unity.

    You can watch a youtube 'explanation' video of it here:

    And heres a screenshot:

    <img src="http://dl.dropbox.com/u/16312264/Warsoup/screenshot3.png">

  • Super cool...souper cool...cough, sorry - really good visuals am impressed with what you can do with Unity.

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  • Saw the video on indiegames.com, it looks really good. I Didn't know you were involved! The concept is pretty cool, like tf2 mixed with battlezone. Does unity hold up well performance wise with a shader intensive fps like this? All the tech demos I've tried of complex unity fps's were really bad performance wise.

    I wish you luck davo, seems like a great project!

  • You've abandoned us for unity?? Why, Davo, why??


    Seriously looks impressive!

  • haha na i haven't left don't worry. I'm sorry I haven't been around in the last couple of months, lots of things happened in my life - living with my girlfriend at the time, partying, studying, working on uni assignments, having my flat flooded, moving into a new (and dry ) flat, buying furniture, surviving a breakup, exams, and then more drinking. Anyway, I think I'm back to where I was before and hopefully i'll soon be getting back into developing Construct and Construct 2.

    I've always wanted to be involved in creating a commercial game and working in a team. In the same way that a guy whos been single all his life wont give as good relationship advice as someone whos been in a long term relationship, I think its important for me to be involved in Warsoup so I know what it takes to make a game. You learn a lot when you work in a team developing a game - suddenly using a binary format to save a scene seems like the most stupidest thing in the world because if two people edit the same scene twice, its impossible to merge the two files together.

    So yeah, I just gotta balance my time and everything should be fine

  • Glad you had the experience, but.....

    get back in the kitchen?

  • Looks epic. Thomas is a bloody genius is he not?

    I love Unity, and I think the performance on it is pretty damn good tbh?

    (love construct too obv)

  • Looks like an awesome project, hope it goes well

  • Congratulations! I also saw this earlier and was really impressed! I hope it gets the huge success it deserves and that you get very rich

  • also, i love the way he says "agility" . keep us updated.

    I was chatting to an RL friend the other day and he'd been following your progress and was quite shocked when i told him I knew you guys from the construct forums heh

  • Saw this in GameSpot earlier today

  • is it made in UNITY?

  • yes

  • Hey that's pretty awesome. Good luck on that mate. Unity is so tempting... I tried it once and it was a bit overwhelming.


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