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  • Alright so we have some new news out. What are peoples opinions on the Vita TV?

  • Looks like a great idea.

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  • Its the best idea they've had in years. To bad somebody else had it before they did.

    The idea of using it as a server to the PS3, or 4 is nice, and I think Nvida was planning on something similar, only with remote super computers you can rent, and stream content to your self, including your game.

    So basically you would be playing the game on a sever, not on your own console. Imagine Crysis all features at maxed.

    I just hope and pray someone does a open hardware thing with something like Boot to Gecko as an os.

    A modular console would be one heck of breath of fresh air.

  • I don't believe the streaming until I can see it, it will not be released with the Vita TV itself, it comes in a software update. Still love it being so small and you can play PS Vita Games on it. Makes it a good competitor against apple's Apple TV

    I did a blog post about Vita TV, if you are interested, it's located here:

  • I like it, specially that you can play PSX games on it



    Armored Core!

    oh sh*t

  • I like the idea of Vita TV. My life has certainly changed over the years and to me the experience of the big consoles(PS, XBox, WiiU ) have been mostly been there done that. There are still great games on the machine, but I've been more interested in the indie games like Limbo(which I have yet to play).

    While I know the Vita TV will pretty much be mostly the same experience. I like the idea of the box being designed from the ground up to try and provide a non-gaming interface experience. I thought the Bubble menu of the Vita was a great universal interface. I feel that this is important element that I believe many over look. I have a Wii and PS3. I have netflix and movies on my HDD. The PS3 produces better video output. However I often fight more with the interface than the Wii. The Wii is a simple point and click, the same as the Vita gui. So to me it's a great device to blend game console, tv tool, house tool.

    The part I actually don't like is the idea that the only conrtoller is the DualShock3(DS3). Which is the entire reason I don't use the PS3. It's this one element that I feel many game developers and production companies far over look. The classic controller is a terrible controller for any kind of basic, free flowing, interface device. I feel the Vita can rock the TV Box world if they design a minimal cost pointer based interface. I feel that this is what will hold Vita back as a mass consumer device.

    On the gaming side I would love to have the opportunity to have a Webview gaming for the Vita to put C2 games on. I doubt that will happen, but that would be awesome. As for the Ouya. Well everything I said above stands. Except Sony has a lot more leverage weight that Boxer8.

    Streaming games. Personally I see this technology coming down the road. I feel that Sony is producing Vita TV to start integrating streaming games. While I know a lot of people feel there PS4 is going to be "THE CONSOLE" to stream. I suspect it's all about VitaTV 2, to discontinue the PSConsole line. Just a hunch that in about 10 years when the Vita2 is ready Gakai will be ready to just obsolete the PS5 before it comes out.

  • I'm going to end up getting it if it comes out here. I had a Vita but ditched it when games started getting canceled and the value began to drop. I love the uncharted game on vita. Then Little King Story... I have a 32 gb card full of stuff I bought. At least now it wont go to waste!

    And if PSP is finally full screen and not a screen surrounded by big black border I will throw a small party. All of the hacks and plugins to make full screen on regular psp to tv suck/are unfinished.

    So this is a must buy for me. If this thing does what I think it will. I think Sony will give Crapple TV a run for it's money. I have Apple tv 3, cant hack it yet as far as I know. I can watch netflix and buy movies. Streaming my iphone5/ipad mini/ipad2 to the tv is what I got it for. And that is Fnph@ckity at it's best. Apple TV can't play games unless you stream them. Vita has all the services the ps3 has. Plus it plays games. And it's cheaper or roughly the same price... I think it's cheaper.

    I do my Netflix on my Wii U now though. Now if only Wii U did games too...

  • I'm definitely liking the idea of it. There are a bunch of PSP games I never got to play and probably one or two Vita games I'd be interested in. $100 is definitely more manageable than the full price of a PS Vita for me. Especially since if I wanted a handheld I'd go with the 3DS XL, because Smash Bros.

    It's looking like it can be a nice box to have around the home as well as pick up and take with you if going somewhere you know you'll have access to a tv/monitor.

    I wonder though. Will you be able to play local multplayer on it on PS2/PSX titles? Will it allow more than one controller? If not, then the value of it kinda drops for me.

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