The US Says Goodbye to IE6

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  • Time to pop open the champagne because, based on the latest data from Net Applications, IE6 usage in the US has now officially dropped below 1%!

    IE6 has been the punch line of browser jokes for a while, and we�ve been as eager as anyone to see it go away. In fact, we launched the IE6 Countdown site last March to help accelerate the process. Less than a year later, I�m thrilled to say that the United States has joined the ranks of Austria, Poland, Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Norway in dropping below 1% usage of IE6. In addition, the Czech Republic, Mexico, Ukraine, Portugal and the Philippines are also entering the Champions� Circle. We hope this means more developers and IT Pros can consider IE6 a �low-priority� at this point and stop spending their time having to support such an outdated browser.

    We couldn�t have done this without the help of the community and our IE6 Countdown partners � thank you to everyone for your support. Since we launched IE6 Countdown, we�ve had over 2.75 million visitors and 5.6 million page views of the site � it�s clear people are using the content and taking the action to heart! If you�ve attended any events with us in the past few weeks you�ll know that we�ve been expecting this any day now and we�ve had a great time sharing a few drinks and toasts with you in anticipation of this moment.

    <img src="" border="0" />

    So as we kick off 2012, we call on the rest of the world � make it your new year�s resolution to end IE6 and move to a modern browser like IE8 or IE9. You can find additional details and resources on how to achieve this at

    Roger Capriotti

    Director, Internet Explorer Marketing


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  • chow belle'...

  • make it your new year?s resolution to end IE6 and move to a modern browser like IE8 or IE9.

    Most of the article sounded cool. And right at the end, the fail happens.


    make it your new year?s resolution to end IE6 and move to a modern browser like Chrome or FireFox.

    Here it is corrected.

  • Good riddance IE6!

    We're lucky on Scirra, over the last 1m page views or so only 7.8% of our traffic is IE, and of that 7.8% only 2.41% use IE6. That's around 300 visits in over 160,000 visits.

    80% of our traffic is Chrome or FireFox.

  • I've used FF for the latest ten years.

  • Well, here in my work I use lamentably IE 8, but in my home in my laptop I use Chrome!. And this article is from Micro$oft not me :). but sure I should have to change that part Kyatric ;) .

    In the last report of browsers in 2011 the second most used is Chrome yeah!!.

    Thanks :).

  • Can't wait to see IE usage down to less than 1%, period. Can't stand IE.


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