Update graphics card Ati Radeon 3650

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  • Hi guys on our friendly community i have question meybe someone help me.

    On notebook where priority work wtih C2 i have graphic card ati radeon HD 3650 (512mb). On notebook is this graphic card little hybrid with two chips ati radeon HD 3200 and 3650. But new drivers from ATI dont know this graphic card and using only 3200 and dont see 3650.

    Have someone tips how fix this problem i for this issues i LF on internet tips many many time last 1,5 year.

    Runing on Vista 64x ( :/ ) but on W7 dont work absolutly not all drivers (old and new) on vista work at least old drivers but for work is this killer :/

    Ty for answer or tips


  • May I know the make and model of you laptop? Often, manufactures make custom graphics cards from chips like these (like nVidias Optimus that Dell forces you to use their custom drivers for) and you might have to get your driver specifically from your laptop's manufacturer's website.

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  • is Assus M51Tseries have basic drivers from Assus and is old.

  • At this link you can download the latest notebook drivers from Asus, here.

    • Just select your operating system and download the latest version and try that. Make sure to select x64 bit if you have 64 bit Windows.

    If not, then I found two matches to what you told me on the Asus website, here.

    I'm assuming this one is yours, the M51Ta?

    In any case, I found this.

    • However, according to what you've already told me, that's likely what your already using. :(

    I also found this.

    • It's a later version then the one on the Asus website, but I'm not sure if it supports the hybrid behavior of your laptop or even your hardware in general.

    Let's just say that I took a long time posting back because I was doing whole load of Googling :P

    Please, let me know if you need anything.

  • Ok after some days i testing again searching updating uinstaling and this circlet making again and again i look more optimist to future :D last instalation Ati Catalyst work only low graphic (3200) but after start high graphic screen goes to black and off Monitor O.o bad bad day :/ But... Ty for help DiGiCORE

    i now waiting for new PC :) and go instaling and uinstaling old system on notebook may it be Ati Catalyst now start working :)

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