Unpolite behaviour

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  • The rules do apply to everyone here. They were told in the spanish thread to stick to english. They acknowledged it.

  • Sol: As I said, close this thread and I will not fall to a personal level, like you have just done. This is - to my mind - very unprofessional!

    Arima: never mind....

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  • It was not intended as a personal insult, however it was intended to draw an illustration however exaggerated it may have been.

    You understand the point I am trying to make. If you have anything else to say you can do it via PM.

    Thread Locked.


  • Just to put some official word on this: we don't officially allow non-English language on the forum, but as pointed out we don't enforce this with an iron fist. The bigger problem is long discussions in a different language, which is inconvenient to moderate even with Google Translate. We do generally step in and ask people to use English where possible, but I suppose we occasionally miss some threads. I hope you don't see this moderation practicality as injustice, it's just a busy forum and sometimes stuff slips by.

    Weishaupt, you shouldn't be upset if you perceive non-English speakers to be impolite - if they don't speak English they may have already struggled to write their message so this may have distracted them.

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