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  • Everyone seems to have Twitter these days. I still don't have an account, but is it time I gave in and signed one up? Perhaps I could start a Scirra twitter account and post updates. But even then, the whole point of it seems to elude me. What do you think?

  • when a site can barely explain its purpose i dont think its a good idea.

    [quote:2lqy3jvv]Eating soup? Research shows that moms want to know.

    Running late to a meeting? Your co�workers might find that useful.

    Partying? Your friends may want to join you.

  • Twitter seems more like a frequent-updates kind of thing. Like, multiple times per day.

    New builds and status reports for Construct aren't all that frequent. I think posting on the front page and making announcement threads is sufficient. Maybe email notification, as was mentioned in another thread.

    At any rate I don't have a Twitter account and I don't plan on getting one.

  • Until now I've never heard of Twitter. If I were you, I wouldn't make myself more work with giving reports of work ^^. There's nothing to gain with this, all the info you give here is sufficent.

  • Twitter's utterly superfluous and useless.

  • I don't like twitter either. Maybe i'm getting too old for the internet as I don't like myspace or facebook also. The latest internet application I bother with are php forums like this one.

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  • Twitter, where twits tweet.

    Hey look I made a rhyme.

  • i think you meant *where*

    on topic: Meh, i have an account, but i never use it. It's alright i geuss, but it's more of a massively linked IM more than anything else (Which is what it's supposed to be... i think... )

  • Twitter is like leaving your house with a megaphone and loudly announcing that you are about to to fry some eggs with bacon to the whole street, then going back inside to do just that.

  • "Well..., it's not going to happen to me"

  • I would say you should link from twitter for the positioning purpose. And besides twitter news can be displayed on your own website.

  • <img src="">

  • aritz your sig is the greatest, i wish i could show it to all my friends. and that comic rules

  • aritz your sig is the greatest, i wish i could show it to all my friends. and that comic rules

    Yes, it is

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