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    Hola me llamo Yordimix96 y soy un nuevo creador de juegos 2D y aquí les dejare algunos tutoriales en capx para su juego espero que les funcione por que a mi si y si tienen alguna duda o quieren mas información aganmelo saber por favor por el momento solo tengo 3 tutoriales si quieren mas para resolver algún problema en su juego informen me para ver que puedo hacer gracias por lee aquí les dejo los capx por google drive. (RECUERDE ESTOS SOLO LOS E PROBADO EN CONSTRUCT 2 ASÍ QUE EN LA 3 NO LO PUEDO ASEGURAR)

    Guardar solo variables con save y load:

    Lo siento necesito mas reputacion

    Selector de archivos en juego Simple:

    Lo siento necesito mas reputacion

    Guardar 2 o mas variables con localstorage:

    Lo siento necesito mas reputacion

    Gracias por ver


    Google translation

    Hello, my name is Yordimix96 and I am a new creator of 2D games and here I will leave you some tutorials in capx for your game. I hope it works for you and if you have any questions or want more information please let me know at the moment I only have 3 tutorials if you want more to solve a problem in your game inform me to see what I can do thanks for reading here I leave the capx for google drive. (REMEMBER THESE ONLY THOSE TESTED IN CONSTRUCT 2 SO THAT IN 3 I CAN NOT SECURE)

    Save only variables with save and load:

    Sorry I need more reputation

    Selector of files in game Simple:

    Sorry I need more reputation

    Save 2 or more variables with localstorage:

    Sorry I need more reputation

    Thanks for watching: D

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    So a few things.

    First of, these are English forums. So whenever you post a message, consider to post it in English/with an English translation.

    Messages in only a foreign language will get moderated.

    Second, instead of using the "Open topic" for tutorials, consider checking out the "How do I" forums for Construct 2.

    Also if you want to post tutorials and post capx why not do it in the tutorials which actually have a dedicated "Capx example" category.

    You post your tutorial in English first and can then even provide a Spanish translation for it.

    Closing this topic as "Won't go nowhere, directions have been given".

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