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  • Hey! I don't really know if this should go under "your creations" or not, cuz it's about a site that i didn't made, but i've uploaded my stuff there (and i plan to advertise for them in this post)... Anyways, since i'm not soure i put it here.

    Anyone of you guys make music? I do! I didn't know where to upload it, but then i found this site!

    The site works like this;

    People make music and upload it on the site.

    Other people downloads the uploaded music for free and with no drawbacks at all.

    Diffrent companys advertise on the site, and the site get money.

    Each monththe site pays the composers an amount of money depending on how many downloads their songs got.

    In the top right corner there is a search function. I've uploaded my music under the name "Attan". It will be soundtrack in the game "Jamies Revenge" developed by

    Please click the download button while you'r listening. It doesn't really do anything unless you do something else afterwards, eccept you sponsor me with some money. Please leave a comment to! I love comments!

    Hope you enjoy my music!

    Attan <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_cool.gif" alt="8)" title="Cool" />

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  • I like the Zpaan one

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