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  • Hello everyone <3

    A month has passed since I made a post here on this forum, and here I am again, because a lot of core things have changed. Also, now I have screenshots, so.

    So, Toyvox is a general-purpose voxel game engine, with a rather unique aesthetic. It renders voxels with only one color overall, so making models for it is preety much like making 3d pixelart.

    At the moment of this post I'm on a very early stage of development, but I constantly post some updates in my Twitter (

    How will I use this engine

    Ok, so, Toyvox is a C++ library, what means you'll have to know C++ to work with it. However I'll be also making an editor to make things easier (Unlike c3 where you can only use the engine trough the editor).

    Toyvox will completely take care of the hard work (rendering, taking input, calculating 3d stuff) so you can focus on make your game. It will come with a bunch of preset snippets as well!

    Aaaand it's event based, so most of the coding you will be making is something like:

    //simple teleporter
    when(isOverlapping(objA, trigger)) {
    	objA.position.value = vec3(0.0, 5.0, 2.0);

    What type of model will I need to make?

    Voxel models. You can see that as normal pixel images, with an extra dimension.

    Like that:

    Or that:

    And yeah, unlike polygon models, voxel models are so damn easy to make! You can create an asset in no time, just like pixelart.

    Since Toyvox uses a custom voxel format, in the editor you will have tools to create models and animate them with either frame-by-frame or skeleton animation!

    How much will it cost?

    About 0 dollars. It's open source, as well. You just can't modify it.

    How can I follow its development.

    On my twitter, ukhenrik, or on reddit, u/auralinkk.

    Amazing! I want to see this happening totally! Also, how can I support you?

    Oh! I'm glad you asked. You see, I'm on school right now, and sometimes I get busy, also I'll probably need to get a job soon and my free time will end. That's why I set up a Patreon. If I have some incomes, I will be able to help mom with the home and invest on the development of this program.

    I'm loving this experience, and I'd really like to continue. Oh, wait, let me give you a link.

    So if you're into voxels and engines and can see yourself using this engine in the future, make sure to either take a look or share <3

    tl;dr I'm creating an awesome voxel general-purpose game engine that's free (but i'd love some support on the Patreon) and (kind of) easy to use.

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