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  • The only Russian words I know are "vodka" and "soup," which is pretty much only good for ordering vodka soup.

  • Translates large block of russian and gets:

    "Icons very emotional.

    Rolls too good.

    But I have some doubts in the fact that they well will be looked together.

    Style different.

    But it is necessary already to consider this picture pillar.

    I not have himself finished project not a single, so, bits everyone.

    Blockage on work.


    Ah...gotta love web translators

  • Y! To all Russian-language users, regards!

    Pancake, would know how to write without the errors in the English - [otpisyvalsya] is here normal. But thus far here only I read.

    I want so that the Russian division, where there will be [onli] the Russian language, finally would appear, it is possible still and documentation to transfer, [tutorialy] everyone. I would undertake into the free time to transfer yes after the forum to choose.

    <img src="http://mgccl.com/wp-includes/images/onion/3eb4e7b3.gif">

    I think to still [askami] exchange is possible:) 1004050 - my. Of izot , [rulnyy] [art], [itemy] by something are similar to The [rPGMakerskie].

  • English please. I can't moderate a language that I can't read.

  • Oh deadeye dont be so mad, its Russian nature to go against law /joke

  • I'm not mad, but that's the last translation I do. I'll just start deleting posts.

    Please be aware, it's nothing personal. And I'm sorry, I know it's frustrating. I just don't have the energy or inclination to copy/paste every foreign language post into a translator.

    So until we have a better solution, English only.

  • He's right. We just don't have the resources to support and moderate any different-language forum sections or posts. So please keep it English on the forum - I'm afraid you'll have to find another site if you want to speak a different language.

  • You know, it would be a good idea to create language forum sections... Russian, spanish, dutch etc., whatever is prevalent in the community.

    Seconded..... no wait, thirded!

    I know I'd get a bunch of spanish-speaking people in here

  • You know, maybe that is not a good idea after all, since there would be no language-specific moderators. Someone has to moderate the Russians, Spanish etc.

    External forums are your best bet. There are a lot of sites that offer free forum hosting.

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  • Yeah, as I said in my last post, we just can't do it. None of us could moderate a forum in a language we don't speak, and I'm not keen on shotgun hiring moderators for it.

  • Yeah I kinda have to agree here as well... I mean, you guys have a hard enough time understanding me most of the time, and I speak English... well some pseudo form of hybrid English at least.

    For the guys in question... your English is better than my Russian by miles. I have no trouble understanding you, so English is the best way to go. I wish I could speak Russian, or any other language for that matter, but about all I can accomplish is profuse swearing in Polish. xD


  • ??????, ??????(Hello guys)!

    ? ???? ?????? ??-??????! I speak russian too!

    I have a suggestion: maybe you can ask to moderate russians somebody of us, russians? I'm russian myself (osetian exactly) and I haven't seen bad(or explicit) posts in this forum.

  • If you wish I can create some forums to host users that do not speak english at Construct Corner.

    I love russians, I hope you win World War 3

  • World War 3 ooo no, my friend, it is better that it would not have been.

    Forums where we can communicate, find (http://construct.ixbb.ru/).

    Thanks for the offer jessejohhavoc

  • Good,i just found out that post,so,you see i'm russian too.not so many posts,not so many time,you know.anyway,here is plenty of us already.

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