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  • Hello, I currently did the Ghost Shooter tutorial a couple weeks ago and have advanced it quite a bit, especially with the help of PixelRebirth for helping me with some issues, and clutter.

    I am wondering however how I should/can do the top-down view resources. I normally am used to RPGs, and 3D games, and I've never done any top-view graphics before ever, and don't know exactly how to either.

    Guess my main question atm is: Can anybody help me with the graphics, or point me to some player/environment templates for a top-down view?

    Thanks, "Az - Ruler of Worlds". Hehe.

  • top-view shooters are without a doubt the easiest (graffix wise) games to make, you can get by without any animations, and worlds are generally just repeating textures with things placed on top.

    pretty much the reason they're my game of choice to make to flesh out an idea.

    but for the character, if your not to terribly great at drawing, i recommended using the bone moment, i sure you can draw simple shapes like circles and what not and with a little shading they can look pretty good.

    textures for the ground you can just grab off the internet("free ground texture" Google)

    objects and walls are probably your trickiest thing, but a birds eye view is kind-of an unusual way to look at the world, so you got a lot of room to mess up.

    heres the beginning of a current TD-shooter i'm working on with the bone movement, to give you an idea of what i'm talking about.

    wasd - move

    lmb -fire

    rmb- aim

    esc- exit

    shift- run

    (there is a lag in animation when switching to and from running, and just ignore the missing sound files) it is what it is.

  • Wow that is very neat, and how such a simple character rig can look so nice too lol, care if I take a look at the code to see how you achieved certain things?

    PS: Oh btw, could you make a video or something and show me how to make an animated sprite? I see so many different body parts seperate in your *.cap but um, well I don't want the player or any creatures involving several objects.

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  • as far as i know, i don't think you can have different animations of one object be different parts, i wish it was that way, it sure would clear a lot of the objects out of the library.

    you can take whatever you want out of the code, as far as i'm concerned taking bits of code and re-writing them is the best way to learn how things work.

    when i get some time, i wouldn't mind making something to show you how all that works.

    there might already be a video on the bone movement somewhere, but i haven't looked.

    if you don't have Photoshop, an idea on making all those pieces one object would be to put them together in construct, copy the screen(ctrl-prt scr) then past in paint, crop out what you don't like, then put the image back in construct as a single object.

    ( i'm sure you could also make a sprite making program using the canvas object.)

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