Tobii EyeX, new C2 Possibility?

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  • I just read about the Tobii EyeX.

    A device, that tracks your eye, what a possibility.

    Imagine, youre having a game, that is completely used with the mouse, like the one im working on (RTS).

    With this technology, we could make a "Use you Eyes Only" game.

    That would be far beyond AWESOME!

    Now, back to reality.

    Im sure, this year, somebody will port the SDK to HTML5,

    so some dedicated plugin developer will make it as an Plugin for C2.

    This is only a possibility,

    i cant say what will happen, we can just hope ;)

    Why did i post this? I thought you should know about this piece of tech, im probably pre-ordering one of these ;)

    only 95$ with a special promo code (CES2014).



    Dev Section

  • Finally, an affordable eye tracking system. If it's as accurate as it claims, and can be used to control a computer in it's entirety instead of just applications made to work with it, this could be huge news for the disabled. At $95, I'm pretty tempted myself.

    Edit: upon digging further, it appears they have done a lot of work in that area already.

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