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  • ok , i have no idea what the title should be but the important thing is that :

    i don't know if this will help scirra or not but i just wanna say it.

    before i knew scirra i have emailed (GOOGLE) to develop a program that look like this (easy,for windows,...). see the message :

    <img src="" border="0" />

    ok this google's replay:

    <img src="" border="0" />

    see they looking for this!

    hmm so the advice that i want to say is : why don't you guys combine scirra to google? or be a part of google?

    what will this do to scirra ?

    as i see :

    1) make scirra more popular.

    2) grow the scirra work , as we know google many companies that develop games,apps so what would be if all these companies should use scirra to create games, or put there codes (java,blablabla...) to scirra and develop it will make it the best program and more people will come to you guys and companies....

    3)get money , i don't know how much money you guys got but around max (1m-10m).

    4)maybe let each app created with scirra give you about 20% to you like this..

    last thing want to say this is just an advice for you guys... you can think for it or disagree.

    anyway i wish with scirra the best and good luck ^^

    Ashley ,@Tom

    good luck^^

  • ... see they looking for this!

    I think that's reading much too much into the Google reply - it looks pretty much like a boilerplate reply to me.

    My advice - steer well clear of Google's clutches!

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  • hmm i really don't know i just wanna a next step for scirra . good luck for them ^^

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