YOUR Tips for Driving More Traffic to Your Website.

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  • First of all, what are YOUR tips for driving traffic to your website. Second, what is your idea of an successful website as in traffic. Third, what do you want in a website?

  • What brings traffic? Word of mouth! if they like what they see, they will stay and promote.

    Basically anything that you feel confident to speak about regularly, with something new/interesting every time...An original content, with one strong theme and little variations around this theme, updated regularly, with a consistent quality of writing/shooting/other, and a reactive/entertaining feedback to comments and visitors.

    Getting few writers together may also be a good thing to get variety over a same topic, like (word of mouth, you see ^^)

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  • a bunch of porn related tag

  • As much as I would love to put hentia on my website (with those tags) I can't, because it's mostly unrelated to what's on my website and my parents look at it. -_-

  • I think the main thing is just to have useful high quality content, and as long as you've got one or two incoming links people will find it and it will spread just because it's a great site.

  • youtube



    depends of the specification of your game/creation

  • If you want more unique visitors, you'll have to have other websites link to you. You can do this by blogging about interesting things on a big website for example. People who read your posts and like them, will probably check out your website.

    If you want a group of people that keep track on your website and return from time to time, you'll have to do something that keeps them interested. A regularly updates news page or blog will help that for example.

    Try to make a list about things in a website that makes you go to them. Or make a list on how you find new websites to visit..

  • I update my website at least every few days, with new blog updates (well its actualy news) and I'm always working on it when I'm on their. Fixing links, re-designing pages, adding songs, and stuff like that.

  • Maybe start a Twitter account to post updates on, people can follow you in their news feeds and then they'll visit your website whenever you put up something of interest to them.

  • oh and facebook. get an account

  • First of all, change from yolasite to something better like wordpress, blogger, etc. Even though these are mostly used for blogging, it's way better than yolasite.

  • Then I'd suggest to just pay a few dollars to get a real webhost.

  • I realy like yolasite, it has just about everything I need. I have no credit card. I've looked on google, so I know all the tips you guys have said. Thanks for the effort though.

  • Driving traffic to your website is easy. Keeping them coming back isn't.

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