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  • Hey guys,

    my recent contract is running out in a few month and I´m thinking about throwing my iPhone 4 which isn´t able to run any new games into the rubbish bin and buy a brand new one.

    I´m looking for one of this real big phones, which are half tablets, cause I really want to get a good and big view while developing. Also I really want to get a feel of how it will look on a tablets or similar devices.

    Of course, the Galaxy Note is the first which comes to someones mind here, but for me it looks kind of "feminine" and not really stylish at all. (yeah, to me, mobile phones are status symbols) I would prefer some Sony device, if it´s comparable in price and performance.

    Any tips? Thanks in advance...Beav

  • Ok if you want the last of the last and you can wait a little go to S5 or Z2.

    If you want to pay less you could again wait to the new phones come out and buy Samsing S4, Samsung Note 3, LG G2, Xperia Z1 or not the best with HTC one or Moto X.

    I buyed last week the Sony Xperia Z1 and its awesome.

    I recomend you to go to the shopping and compare those four phones, everyone have his ups and downs.

  • For dev you should think low end, because if it runs on that, then it will run on the better stuff.

    Unless your target is just the high end.

    I keep hoping some company will pick up the Firefox Phone here in the US. Its cheap, and should be super easy to test on.

  • I personally bought one with 5 inch because i already have an old one with 3 inch so more or less i can test in 3 and 5 inch and in a simple core 1 giga and in a quad 2.2

    tells us after which phone did you bought

  • I own the Note 3 in white (since that color somehow has the highest resale value), but I used to have the onyx/grey one, and they're both beautiful beasts of technology. I didn't care about its looks or its back since it will have a cover anyway. It's rather slim and feels much more compact than the Note 2, which is a nice plus. I test all my games in its default browser and within Chrome. I will recommend that beast phone to anybody looking for a phablet - it's the best! If you don't mind straying a bit away from Android, then consider the Nokia Lumia 1520 - it's such a big, beautiful phone, but you have to handle it first. You could also wait for the Galaxy S5 and the Sony Xperia Z2 (they're both 5+ inchers and are also water/dust-proof!). Personally, I will always desire a phone with removable back piece and/or SD card slot.

    If you are concerned about lower specs, then just get, additionally, a pre-paid phone or a Moto G (amazing little mid-ranger!). Again, if you don't mind moving away from Android, then pick up a Nokia Lumia 520/525 for pure dev purposes, unless you fall in love with it!

    Good luck! Make sure to handle them all first so falling in love with one becomes easier!

    EDIT: Make sure to check out the Nexus 5, too! Cheap high-end phone ftw.

  • Don't get Nokia Lumia 520 the first time the screen cracks your phone is useless have to have the touch screen replaced. Nokia Lumia 520 put the touch screen on the outside of the phone so its the first piece to break so stupid really, cause one small crack and its toast. Went through 2 Nokia Lumia 520 in a month cause there real cheap, but not worth it unless your just testing your games on it just don't drop it.

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  • Well, thanks for all the great tips guys...I´ll go and check some mobiles out this weekend. Will keep you informed about my choice

  • Could you buyed the phone?

  • Well not year, big lag of time

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