A TicTacToe or Chess is Possible

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  • Yes. Creating tictactoe or chess in construct2 is possible. But one has to be very patient with tictactoe and very very patient in Chess. Before you do anything one has to understand the logic & moves and jot it down on a paper before starting. For a quicker way play Computer Chess / tictactoe taking all the moves while taking note on how the computer plays chess/ tictactoe. One for sure in every move you make the computer has been assigned what move it will make. Grab that information.

    eg when you start playing tictactoe and put a cross on the first box maybe the computer has been assigned to play it its circle at the center and so on.

    What I am doing in tictactoe looks promising but my fear is its going to surpass the 100 events limit. <img src="smileys/smiley24.gif" border="0" align="middle" />   For chess there is no doubt about it hence no need to start since I dont have the standard edition.

    There is hope scirra guys.

    Your limit is your imagination.

  • if anyone needs help making tic tac toe, look at this tutorial.




  • I have recipe postcards business. To promote my business, I want to make a game related to recipe. Can I make any games related to making recipe or cooking?

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  • Cooking isn't a game genre it's a theme. Your games can be anything you want them to be. Unless you have a specific cooking game in mind?

  • I guess a simple "restaurant game" (like dinerdash or the purbleplace cake factory) can be achieved easily with less than 100 events... depending on the level of detail you want to provide...

    Or you can made a simple memory game (examples available) with a food-theme.

  • Hey, I would like to try and create a chess game that is compatible for two players to play on two seperate devices (this being an app). I'm a bit confused about how to setting up the board and also.... everything else. So I'm greatful for any tips and tricks

  • why do u want to develop something that is already available unless u intend to show the differentiation , you need to come up with a new idea (of course this is tough) and it can be even simple. itunes.apple.com/us/app/chess-time-multiplayer-game/id455602152

    Go through the tutorials, samples, examples and understand how some games are done, it should be easy if u have some basic understanding of programming.

    There are also people who can help for a price to teach you if u post in forums of what u exactly need if u r not a reading type rather than observing and learning type.

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