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  • Greetings,

    my question is simple:

    which is your most memorable, favorite programming / design / art oriented task you have accomplished?


    A python/pygame 2D non-scroller platformer (1 years back)


    a Turbo Pascal source code to C language translator program (written in T. Pascal, in 1999).

    Hope to hear from you!!


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  • Art wise, I guess my most memorable accomplishment would be some graphics I did for my very first client, in Photoshop. So what? Well before that moment I HATED Photoshop and knew nothing about it, but the art app I used (Painter) wasn't good with transparency, so had to dive right into PS. Never looked back

    Coding wise would be on the Amiga. When I finally figured out how to code shit using the copperlist! Fun times!

    Yeah.. Pascal and Delphi... many accompliments there but I think I've said enough ;p

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