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  • http://pypi.python.org/pypi/scirra%20construct/0.95

    shouldnt browse nets when slightly intoxicated. pardon me

  • you've never heard of construct?

    it's borland like game engine with python scripting for direct x9 and sdl

    more info on this here

  • how are things coming along in your current project? you got a blog or something? id be interested in seeing where/how far you take this thing called construct.

  • I'm not sure if that was a continuation of my sarcasm, or an actual question about my current project?

  • you've never heard of construct?

    it's borland like game engine with python scripting for direct x9 and sdl

    more info on this here

    what the heck is that!?

    scirra clone?? haha

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  • do you have any programming experience prior to construct? im wondering what separates you from everyone else. i never messed with the sdk because it seemed like you had to jump through hoops just to get it to work with vc express and if id ask newb questions im sure theyd be ignored anyway. its easier for newbs to just download everything pre-packaged in correct paths like regular programs.

  • i had a programming class or two around ten years ago, for a different language. one was for c++, but i dont think i ever even completed a semester. and a year or two ago i read about a third of a "learning c++ in 21 days book". when i started using the sdk, i didnt know what a vector was, and i had only a loose, confused understanding of how the separate files in the sdk were connecting the functions back to the main object. i thought pointers were intimidating, and didnt understand the notataion for them. and for pretty much all but the most basic things, like how to declare an integer, and how to do arithmetic, i was constantly checking websites to remember the syntax. in other words, aside from my construct sdk experience, im pretty much a newb myself. i dont use express, so i dont know about the hoops and such, but those issues aside, the sdk is an excellent learning tool, because you get a large immediate reward for learning new concepts...its a great motivator, and gives you instant ideas for practical applications of new programming concepts....as far as newb questions, ashley is great with newb sdk quesstions, and for newb c++ questions that might have seemed like sdk questions, linkman, and aeal, and i will be glad to help, if the rest of the info on the net doesnt get the job done

  • [quote:1r5a8evf]i dont use express

    an i ask what do you use? just out of curiosity. vc++ pro?

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