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  • I've done my tablets research and figured there needed to be a thread where I recommended, based on that research, what tablets to buy. If I'm wrong about anything point it out, but I honestly don't think I am. I've looked at reviews and everything. Okay so:

    For an Android tablet, don't settle for anything less than a Nexus 7 16gb for 200 bucks. It has a 7 inch screen and a maximum resolution of 1280x800. The next step up I would get is the Asus TF300T. At 350 bucks, it has a significantly larger screen and 32gb memory. If you really want to spend, the Nexus 10 32gb at 500 bucks is the most powerful Android tablet currently and has a maximum resolution of 2560x1600. While there is a Nexus 10 16gb at 400 bucks, it's really hard to find.

    Right now for Androids, you want something with the Tegra 3 processor, or a Nexus 10. Except the Sony Xperia, it has a Tegra 3 processor yet doesn't perform well in the graphics department for some reason.

    The Tegra 4 tablets should be coming out soon, and my recommendations may change at that point.

    On the Apple side, if you're getting a tablet, get an iPad 4. Don't settle for a previous-generation iPad at this point, the iPad 4 is for example about twice as powerful as the iPad 3. The iPad 4 has a 2048x1536 maximum screen resolution and runs 500 bucks for the 16gb version.

  • Just to be clear, for game testing it's recommended to get a low-to-mid spec device so that you can cater to the widest audience and maximise performance. If you go for the best devices from the offset you may run into performance troubles further down the line.

  • That is true. But I still wouldn't get something worse until you know what you need.

    For the Android, you can get a mid spec Nexus 7 and be set. You could even get an Asus TF300T since it actually doesn't have more power, just a larger screen.

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  • I've tested with Playbook, iPad 3 and Samsung Galaxy Tab 2. I would rate them in order for quality and performance.

    1. iPad 3

    2. Playbook

    3. Galaxy Tab 2

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