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  • Well, since ive been using alot of time in Construct and in the community forums. I just wanted to thank all the people that have made construct possible, and available to us all.

    Its a great initiative and im sure alot people are appreciating this.

    The forums is well active, even the chatroom has a good portion of nice people. That helps when they can. (althought some of the humor can be discussed)

    Construct deserves alot more attention in my oppinion, this is one of the best programs i've got a hold of.. And its even freeware?!

    Just wanted to say thanks.

    best regards,


    (sorry for my "great" spelling)

  • Thanks for the kind words Do tell a few people if you like it - word of mouth is a good way to help get the project more attention.

    We've still got long term plans for Construct 2 so stick around and I hope you think it's even better when it turns up

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  • Personally i think Construct is the best 2d games creation program.It's way better than most commercial 2d packages.So yes thanks to all the people at Scirra for creating this over the top ,Mindblowing ,totally ass kicking 2d games creation program.I wish there was a program like Construct for creating 2d Console games.XNA is good but way too complicated.

  • Do we have badges that people can put up on their websites to promote Construct? If we don't, we should make one!

  • I must agree with the Topic Start to 100%, Construct is indeed awesome and the Community is very helpfull!

    Thanks people, you make other people's wishes and dreams come true.


    Mr. Snooley

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