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  • Hey folks,

    I designed this dude as an npc for an adventure game. I wonder what kind of feelings you will have about him. Like his possible profession, characteristics, history etc.

    ex: "Sociopath school teacher, unwanted child of drug dealer and a waiter"

    I am curios if i can catch the feelings i want to have. Thanks if there will be any contribution.


  • Really like the style. Great shading

    For me he looks like a pretty nice guy. Probably a teacher or a professor in history or something similar with a brittish accent and a suttle studder when he talks. Am I right?

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  • I'm a nostalgic so he remembers me a character from a graphics adventure : )

  • Hmm you are a bit close actually but in general no

    nonom I create it as a p&c adventure npc

  • Shady Lawyer type or bureaucratic government official. idk.. but great art

  • The Blazer makes me think of a sales person, the tie and pocket handkerchief brings it more upscale so a keeper of a expensive shop. The glass' look antiquated giving the view of maybe someone working with antiques or artifacts. The fact of the glass' being opaque and the come over give the hint of maybe something shadier going on then first impression would make. Also in classic cinema a moustache usually goes with dishonesty.

    Maybe a sympathetic character with a past, but trying to move forward. Probably is responsible for your plight in a slight way. Sells you a cursed item to try to get rid of it maybe.

  • Toki, thank you for your kind words mate

    CrazyVulcan thanks for detailed descriptions.

    Let me introduce you "Sir Edward Ellington".

    This guy is head of Secret Service & Counter Intelligence unit of (fictional) Small European Kingdom and his family is one of the oldest noble families in the Kingdom.

    While designing it, i tried to avoid 'muscular agent in black' cliche. As he will be the first character player will interact it's better to keep some mystery about him. Players should think "who the hell he is" for a moment before truth.

    I want him as a brain of agency not a muscle (yeah brain is muscle too, i know).

    • Because his title, reputation and family name to protect i thought he should have have a high quality yet simple style.
    • He should not look like an action man however when others see him they should not dare to underestimate his abilities.
    • He will have sense of humor but it will be between sarcasm and solemnity (And it will be hard to catch it in dialogues if English is not your native language)

    Thanks for you guys participation. It's hard to give right impression however with those i read i think i done it more than regular.

  • Shady Lawyer type or bureaucratic government official. idk.. but great art

  • Commissioner James Gordon ?

  • I imagine him as cartoon version of Ron Burgundy. (Will Ferrell)

  • The mustache made me think Mortdecai.

  • Jayjay close enough

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