Target Facebook or IOS/Android?

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  • Hello All,

    Looking how Playfirst failed with their insertion on facebook with some of their successful franchises and, on the other side, looking how some ios arcade games are doing pretty fine on their Facebook versions, i wonder:

    What platform should I/We target for? Which brings a better future or probabilities of success? (if the game is good of course).

    To give some perspective on this subject:

    Angry Birds or Jetpack Joyride are very successful games made first for IOS and then, when those made their entrance in facebook, both worked pretty fine, even when those are clearly more arcade and less "ville" in their gameplay.

    At the same time, games that should work better on facebook failed there and worked better on IOS, like those of Playfirst(Cooking Dash).

    So it's no more a matter of type of game for the best platform for the particular genre.

    Any insight or experience on this, about what world worked better and why please share it.

  • html5 new wave works on anything any browser, although it seem to be having trouble uploading a game to kongregate because its a unity skf   file only website

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  • Yes, I know that html5 games works everywhere. But my question is more about what platform seems better to work for first.

    I don't put IOS browsers as an example yet because it has many problems like no audio and Android has some others as well like no multitouch until v4.0. That gives me two options, Facebook games or a native app (with a wrapper). Also I ask in general, not necessarily in relation to Contruct features.

    A native app seems easier but facebook could work better.

    What would you do first? (this question is for everybody), a native app or a facebook one?, (the arcade ones not the masive "ville" ones).

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