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  • if it wasnt for the constant singing bits which i skipped its such a cool movie ahahha

    so funny scenes, its just great

  • I went with my brother in law and my nieces to see it.

    You're over-exaggerating by saying that there was constant singing (the number of songs was average for Disney) but I agree that it was a fun movie. Even though it was CG it had the feeling of a traditional Disney cartoon.

  • I prefer Pixar. No musicals.

  • i disagree about tangled being good.

    I'm not trying to rain on your parade, just give a different point of view.

    I thought there was too much singing, the songs were so cliche disney, one even goes so far as to borrow a short line of lyrics from Alladin's magic carpet ride song, after it started out sounding like a parody of it.

    The characters were 1 dimensional, as were their motives. And it was the most cliche disney movie imaginable. princess falls in love and marries unlikely hero. So little girls out there in the audience, make sure you understand after a day's adventure, you should be sure you want to spend the rest of your life with them.

    but I digress. I walked away from the movie theatre rolling my eyes. It was completely cookie cutter disney. on a happier note, I thought despicable me, how to train your dragon, and toy story 3 were all ridiculously great though.

    good to see dreamworks take on deeper story telling


  • It was OK. The animals were amazingly done though, with their personalities and facial expressions, really made me laugh and the comic timing was spot on.

    But the singing was boring. As were the cliche characters (I know it's classic disney, but come on it's got to get tiring at some point)

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  • well your right guys, but her tentacle rape hair was funny.

    the horse was hilarious, and there were a couple of very funny scenes.

    yea i agree with the songs and cliche stuff, i do enjoyed the princess's bipolar disorder though.

    it would have been more funny if they made her character more modern like girls our age.

    wait, i though all of pixars movies are about cars being alive, or lamps being alive, thats kinda boring.

    hey i didnt see any NWO subliminals in this disney move though, strange

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