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  • Hi

    I?m looking to purchase a cheap android device to test my Construct 2 games on however I know nothing about tablets.There are two models which I am currently considering

    The Acer 7?B1-A71 android tablet

    Here -

    And the Samsung Galaxy 7" Tab 2 8GB Wi-Fi


    I was wondering if anyone more informed would be able to help me decide which to get

    Any help would be greatly appreciated


  • i really never see both but i would recommend the nexus series they are really cheap and has the standard performance.

    nexus 7 or nexus 10 both are really good

  • Well, it depends what kind of user you are targeting for your games.

    If you will be looking at casual players, get something low-end, like amazon kindle fire. It is by far the most popular android tablet. Although people use it mostly for books, anything that will run on kindle fire will run on pretty much any tablet out there.

    I am not sure of this acer - never heard of this model before.

    Samsung Tabs are good, and I would call them mid-range.

    Nexus tab is great, as it is pure android and it is already open for the developers (so no rooting etc, to run your own .APKs).

    Just think of a user base you want to target - go on some android website ( is a good source) and check available and popular tablets for this user type.

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  • The Nvidia tegra3 chip can be found in a range of cheap tablets.

    I picked up a HannsG tablet, flashed it, got jellybean and flash installed all for under ?140 about 1 1/2 ago.

  • i have a samsung galaxy tab 2

    great performance

    easy to use

    developer options available in the settings

  • I've got a 2 tablets, a cheap one, MPMAN MID74C and a Acer A210. What I can tell you is that you should get at least a tablet using the dual core technology and 1 GB of ram.

    Otherwise, Android will be kinda slow or seems to not respond. It's not like the Apple devices with a static hardware.

    True Story ;)

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