Make sure you're using a secure password

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  • There have been a few reports of users getting "exceeded maximum number login attempts" messages while using the forum. I suspect this is a new breed of spambots attempting to seize control of existing user accounts, to bypass the new user registration.

    Basically, there's not a lot we can do against this, but the forum adds a captcha if you fail a login too many times, which probably makes it impractical for bots if a secure password is used.

    So make sure you're using a secure password. Any single word used as a password, especially if it can be found in a dictionary, is insecure, because those are the ones bots will try to guess first. Check you're using a password that's a mix of letters and numbers, at least 8 characters long, and ideally doesn't contain words. For example, if you remember the phrase "three people met in a pub and had two drinks each", take the first letter and use numbers, and you have a nice easy-to-remember secure password: 3pmiapah2de. A bot won't guess that

    (Don't be a dummy and

    actually use that example, though...!)

    Hopefully if everyone double checks or changes their password, we won't see any accounts being hijacked. We haven't spotted any hijacks just yet, but it's worth being cautious. Don't forget to report any posts which appear to be automated or spam. Thanks!

  • Yeah, I just had a hell of a time with this actually. I switched back to Firefox after using Chrome for a while and I couldn't log in for like, ever. I finally got it sorted out though.

    Also, I hit the "I forgot my password" thing twice and I still haven't received an email... just a heads up.

  • from my observation this problem occoured only when i was loggin from diffrent PC/browsers and that was like every time. never had any problem like that when i logged from my home PC.

  • This happened to me straight after I installed the latest Firebox 4 beta a couple of weeks ago, so I assumed that was the cause.

  • I had hell of a time trying to log in over the last few days. Might have just been me, some of those captcha words are impossible to actually read as well, so it took even more tries before I resorted to the resent password option, which took a very long time to arrive.

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  • Don't do that! I reflexively almost started to ban you! XD

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  • Haha Arima's right, I had to stop myself going to admin control panel -> delete user and all posts O_o

  • I never have random or long passwords. I keep it short so I can remember.

  • I never have random or long passwords. I keep it short so I can remember.

    Is your password "Azu?"

  • cliche password: 123456

  • hey, where did that spam selling medical stuff go?? I needed those antidepressants

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  • My password is so secure it only shows as a string of asterisks whenever I type it out. See: *********

    Try it out, see if your password is so secure too!

    *poker face*

  • My password IS a string of asterisks. It's easier to see what you're typing into the password box that way.

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