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  • Hello Scirra,

    Apologises if this is the wrong section of the forums but I cannot seem to post under Store Discussions.

    Simply, we want to offer Professional (customised, branded, themed, etc) Windows Installers via the store but can't seem to find a relevant option?!

    I assuming it would be best placed under the tools category but due to the upload requirement I cannot progress?! The installers we produce will be supplied to the customer as a part of a post purchase (well.. plan to purchase) engagement how can I set this up?!



  • Hi Daniel,

    It sounds like this is a service not a downloadable product. If this is accurate, our store does not support services. We probably wont either I'm afraid, as that could involve conflict resolution between the customer and the supplier which we're not willing to get into.

    If you have any more questions about this you can email me on tom at scirra dot com.


  • just make a game as a lite version with personal edition and check for a encrypted .ini file string if it is eqaul to 1 the game is unlocked and stays that way, if it is 0 it is not yet payed for and stays the demo version, now the next step is a in app purchase transactions behavior and event when the money has been transacted to the game developer(You) the string in the .ini file gets decrypted and changed to 1 and then after being re-incrypted the game checks the string at the beginning of the loading screen, if it is eqaul to 0 it puts a purchase icon button on the main menu when clicked(or tapped) it asks the user to pay to unlock and remove level restrictions and ads. if it is how ever equal to 1 it erases the purchase icon button and the level restrictions are gone say for example you have a game with more than 30 levels in the full version, and in the demo the gamer can only play 15 it then checks if the string is equal to 0 or 1 and if it is 0 it asks the user to buy the game to continue playing, however should it be equal to 1 it should allow the gamer to move on to the next level.

  • Thanks for your response Tom, I understand the concerns.

    truefalcon Interesting approach however unfortunately not one we can employ.

    On a side note however we are considering creating a cloud based solution in which UI and logic can be modified via a portal of sorts but we'll have to research the demand for such wizardry.



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  • Actually it's already possible, the fact is however you will need personal edition or business edition in order to use those behaviors which already exist...

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