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  • I've formated and reinstalled Win XP Pro recently but i keep getting a stop:0x0000008E error.

    This is not the only problem though. Sometimes Internet Explore freezes up, i can't open some folders and the system is quite unstable even in a clean installation. Maybe it's bad ram or a faulty hard disk. Any other ideas of what causes this stupid BSOD?


  • Ordinary applications can't crash the system like that. It's either the operating system or a driver, I think, but from the sound of it, your hardware is borked and is probably flipping random bits causing crashes.

    New computer/warranty time I think.

  • This might help..

    Worth a try..

  • My computer went belly up back in December, first with trouble opening programs and then it would only give me a stop error. I think the number was 0x0000008, which is just yours without the e.

    It turned out to be bad ram. You may want to check that.

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  • BSOD is very nearly always hardware, and if it's randomly, then I'd go with the above suggestion and say that it's RAM.

    I did have an antivirus program cause system errors and then a BSOD once though, 2 years ago.

  • During the installation process i get a ini910.sys BSOD on top of the stop:0x0000008E error.

    The XP installation cd is full of scratches. Can this be the reason for the BSOD error?

    I hope that the problem lies in faulty ram, and it is not a mobo or CPU related error!

  • Chances are its RAM, but it's also nearly as likely to be Motherboard. I see this error a lot while working on customers computers... and it's usually RAM or Mobo... I've also seen this from bad hard drives, and once a video card was causing it.

    CPUs rarely fail... I've seen less than 10 faulty CPUs in the last 13 years.


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