Steve Jobs resigns...

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  • Yea, I know it's Apple and stuff... I just really didn't see that one coming.

    What is to become of Apple now?

  • What's funny, it was right after this video appeared:

    (Eng subs in right bottom corner)

  • It's "good news" to me :)

  • Apple hater, eh? <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

    I mean I don't like Apple much either... although I do have an iPod... and a MacBook... should have bought a Dell.

  • I don't blame Apple products, but i still blame to Steve Jobs and Apple Inc. :)

    Well, is hard to explain about this...

    PD: I own a iPod Touch 4G

  • I really hate apples bs closed system policies, respect their innovation and ability to survive and thrive for so long, and feel for Jobs if its true he's resigning because he's getting ready to die.

  • I feel that Steve Wozniak should have soley owned Apple, and employed Steve Jobs, rather than things pretty much going the other way. Steve was a salesman, but Woz was the product.

    Still, I really hope Jobs doesn't die, he deserves his retirement years.

  • YAY! Maybe now we can customize our products without having to hack the crap out of them first! :D

    As much as I dislike Steve Jobs as the figurehead of Apple, the poor bugger doesn't deserve to die :/ I had a feeling this announcement was coming for awhile though since his health has been deteriorating for quite some time now...

    Oh well, the turn of a new era... and the ability to change more than a wallpaper... maybe.


  • Well, I guess I'm sad to see the ol' guy fall off... well, most of his throne, anyway. Guy's still a literal Chairman of the Board, if I can remember correctly, so he can still guide the company somewhat.

    What I think will be really interesting is how the big M will react to this. I ain't a genius when it comes to market policy, so whatever Microsoft does in the aftermath of this shocker will be a surprise to me.

  • Well, IF you're gonna die, give me my iOS 5 first, please!

    But seriously now, he doesn't deserve to die. He did nice products <img src="smileys/smiley14.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • Having watched my own father die of cancer last year, I wouldn't wish this situation on anyone, and my thoughts go out to him and his family.

    Regarding his company, I own an IPhone, and unlocked and jailbreaked it the first day I got it. In my view Apple have become a bigger corporate monster than MicroS**t ever reached in their prime. While I do admire Apple styling, I wouldn't own anything from them again on principle.

  • i guess i'll be the first, and maybe only, to say that i like apple, their products and mr. jobs. i believe he is the best ceo of his time, and i hope that he will continue to be a guiding voice in apple's future, for as long as he can do so.

    and i politely resent any who would mock his physical health. i realize, as i grow older, that the younger generations are prone to knee jerk cynicism by default. but that does not make it any less rude.

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  • I do like Apple, I just don't like Macs.

    As for the health, he doesn't deserve to die, but who does? It's just life. No pun intended.

    Hope he comes out ok.

  • Dude is still on the BOD!

    I was a Mac owner back in the dark ages. I used to brag to my Windows 85 and 98 using friends that I could boot up OS6 and OS7's GUI on a floppy and drag and drop files to the trash that were crashing my computer (dreaded Error -1 and 3, grrrr).

    Everything was indie at that time and Escape Velocity was the best thing since sliced bread. My friedns were rocking DOOM while I was rocking Marathon, which later became Halo. Miss those days.

    But now apple is too closed for my tastes. More-so, it's just gotten to clicky and pricey for me <img src="smileys/smiley17.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • I owned Macs for more than a decade. And I worked as a sys admin in a big publishing house that solely used Macs. Those were the thrilling days.

    And I remember everything that Mulkaccino wrote (you forgot error 10 :P ).

    How easy it was to use that OS. Wanted to upgrade but still use the current OS version from time to time? Simply copy the system folder to another partition...just drag'n' any time...

    and Escape Velocity was the best thing since sliced breadt still is! :D

    while I was rocking Marathon..and Marathon II: Durandal, and Marathon Infinity... And after all the midi music of part 1 that ubercool

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    ! (Well, just the first 30 seconds, to be honest, but they really rocked)

    Nowadays, Apple is just one of the many companies out there, still innovative, but too caught in its own world.

    Anyways, all the best for Mr Jobs, he made Apple raising from almost broke to the most valuable company in the world (See this link)

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