Steve Jobs 1955 - 2011

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  • Wow this is depressing. So that was the reason he stepped down as CEO.

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  • Through his efforts, he actually has had a significant influence on parts of my life. My Dad worked at apple, our first computer was an apple II that I remember playing my first computer game on, David's midnight magic, a pinball game, on at age 2 (apparently a computer was a higher priority than a car at the time). Later I made sprites on a mac classic and tried to make my first games in hypercard. I spent a lot of time working with macs and have taught people how to use them. Then there's how much he helped get Pixar off the ground.

    The man left quite a legacy.

  • RIP Steve Jobs .. you left a big company to love or hate ..

  • Whatever one might have in mind regarding Apple, he as a visionary man will leave a big hole.

    I was working with macs, was teaching the use of macs, had a mac myself for more than 10 years and saw Steve Jobs doing so many interesting things. Todays MacOS X wouldn't exist, if he did not found neXt.

    And it is too young to die, no matter if your name is Steve Jobs or any other. 56 just is too young.

  • Yes ... 56 is way to early =(

  • Don't worry, Steve just went to notify God of copyright infringement in regard to the apple.

  • Someone dying at such an early age is pretty sad, but still News channels calling him Thomas Edison of 21st century is a bit too much.

    Also it's pretty funny that he died on the day on which a $50 tablet was launched.

  • It's very sad indeed.He was a genius and will be missed.RIP Steve Jobs.

  • R.I.P You will not be forgotten!!

  • Don't worry, Steve just went to notify God of copyright infringement in regard to the apple.

    LOL Brilliant!

    Sorry to sound harsh, but the guy was not as big of a genius as he is being made out to be. Invented the "ipod"? No. Invented fancy ways to sell crappily supported (but well made) products to every single person alive? Yes.

    This makes him a good salesman... not an inventor or a visionary.

    Sorry Steveo, but you weren't as great as you'd hoped... but still made a big impact on the way things are today. Good luck, old chap.


  • Of course he innovated technology, with all of those applications he's made, "crappily made" or not, they are ideas. He even innovated the movie industry (Toy Story) But still, I can see why many people deny this stuff, because he was a jerk (An awesome one)

  • If you use a mouse and GUI, it was because of Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak. They saved it from being trashed by Xerox who initially thought it was a bad idea. Apple made the mouse popular and revolutionized how music was distributed. The company certainly has a colorful history.

    Steve and Apple's legion of zealous fans certainly helped change key aspects in how we work with information with our computing devices.

    Personally for me, I find it admirable that he was able to take an injured, ailing company and nursed it back to health to an unimagined level with his vision. Remember, back in the late 90's Apple was considered pretty much dead and done. The irony is that he wasn't able to do it for himself.


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