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  • Anyone saw this? Quite a thing. I believe the path they're taking is the best. But it's a huge undertaking, i'm impressed they already with plans to release it this year. Even though i keep not liking their IDE very much. Let's see how that shapes up.

  • The original stencyl missed its release date by quite a bit. :)

  • Looks like Construct, though UI looks like mess to me :(

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  • FYI, we already have a single engine that works on all platforms, written in Javascript. By the end of the summer I'm confident we'll have exporting to iOS native apps, Android native apps, Windows desktop, Mac desktop, and possibly Linux desktop, using various wrapper technologies. We're missing Flash, but I don't see the point in supporting it when we already cover HTML5. On top of that we already support Windows 8 Metro, Facebook and the Chrome Web Store. Using PhoneGap you can also get Blackberry and Windows Phone 7, but that depends on the performance of the device (which we've found isn't quite good enough for HTML5 yet), but there are improvements on the way (Playbook OS 2.1 is a lot faster apparently).

    Code translation tools (converting "master" code to another language) can be brittle and difficult to maintain. I wonder how that will work out.

  • The only hope then is that html5 and webgl gets more support.

  • ...By the end of the summer I'm confident we'll have exporting to iOS native apps,...

    We rarely get to hear about ETA's, so it is very encouraging to keep working on a game for the App Store. Ludei's CocoonJS Launcher impressed me a lot, not sure about appMobi yet.

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