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  • Hi,

    I have tried searching for this but had no luck. A pretty pointless question but I'd still like to know.

    If I buy C2 from steam, is there a way of linking it to my forum account so I get one of those nice icons on my avatar saying I'm a legit buyer?

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  • email support, I'm sure they could accomodate. But, please don't buy steam version, you will regret it, even if they offer a 50% discount, steam isn't worth it in my opinion.


    So many reasons, just do a search in the forums about steam vs scirra standalone

  • I'm with Dutoit.

    Obviously your decision, but IMO Steam sucks large :/

  • Oh.. that's worrying

    The thing is, money is rather tight and I have £40 steam credit after getting a refund and that's half the cost..

    Mmhmm I don't know what to do now.

    Would it be possible for me to buy the steam version and then get a key for the standalone one?

  • Not something anybody but scirra can answer... email them.

    I brought steam license... and had so much trouble

    I then upgraded to a business license here to get away from steam (Yes, it sucks large :/)

  • Having done some research it seems you cannot get a standalone key if you buy on Steam. so I guess I should take everyones advice and not buy on Steam. shame really as I have £40 on there but I guess I'll just have to wait the 3-4 weeks to save up and buy from this site.

    Thanks again

  • Oh man, thanks for the Steam is shit advice!

  • With games you can usually right click on them and choose to see the associated serial key. Maybe that'd work for C2 as well?

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