State of Mesh and 3D usage in Construct?

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  • I've been away for a long time, off studying to be a 3D and digital artist. All the while, I've been reading the Scirra blog posts and supporting the project when licences went on sale. I'm very interested in the direction this project has taken.

    I'm curious about the current state and future plans of incorporating 3D objects and animations into Construct 2. Searching the forums reveals some clever users have piggybacked various ways of rendering corridors and sprites in space, but these do not currently suit my needs. I'm not looking for a 3D worldspace, but something more like the early mesh experiments from Construct Classic - the ability to import mesh and textures, light them, call their animations and render them into the 2D canvas. The inability to do this is currently my only reason for not building a project in Construct.

    I'm also well aware how tall of an order this is to request.

    So, did I miss a discussion elsewhere in the forums about this? Is this feature planned for sometime in Construct's future? How could I help make it a reality?

    Thank you for reading.

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