Were to start with C++11?

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  • Hello,

    once again I am trying to learn C++, but its a bit hard.

    I would like to know were can I start (Best place) learning this Lang. from Begin Begin - To everything I would need to know.

    For your C++ Dev. out there.

    Were, did you learn this amazing lang?

    How long did it took you to finely understand it?

    Do you still Struggle, Even if you know everything?

    How old were you when you started learing it?

    Did you thought at first, I am never going to understand this "Crap"?

    I would REALY appreciate, if you dev. out there can anser this questions!

  • Is it your first language? The first one is always hardest. The problem with C++ as well is it's really low level with pointers which can be hard to get your head around.

    "Am I ever going to understand this crap!" is something every programmer has thought at some stage!!

  • Indead this is my first one I am trying to learn

  • I Have found it!

    Hey guys, if you are also strugling to learn C++, then you can download Small Basic, And I think you will need C++10 for it to work, well That application helps you alot, it teach you about all the basic, with downloadalbe guides, Its realy easy to understand, Try it!

    It realy gives you that warm feal and not I am Going to Smash this F**** PC

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  • Well i've been programming for 6 years and i still can't stomach C++. And probably never will. That's why i have big expectations from languages like D and Go, more on D. Someone once said that if you want a language with performance and close to the metal like they say then that language must be ugly and unwieldy. I strongly disagree. But if you're intent on learning C++ i recommend reading good C++ code (rare) from good C++ projects. Game engines and games mainly. That's the best way to learn. Good luck ! <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • stalker247 I recommend using the cc sdk as a way to boost the fun aspect of learning. Take your normal tutorials and books, or classes on c++. they are all over the web. cplusplus.com will be invaluable as you get further along. but after you've gotten the basics out of the way, also study the sdk, not to learn from the code that's there, but there's something very rewarding when learning a programming language to be able to make cool stuff happen. in between mundane and pedestrian dos prompt examples, you can be making construct objects fly around the screen, and such

  • thanks alot guys

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