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  • Has anyone played this yet? I was considering signing up to see what it's like, but they don't appear to have a trial period, and $60 is kind of steep to try something out.

  • I wouldn't. There are many bad things going on in there, such as people getting perma ban for using profanities in tells. That is private messages to their friends.

    Oh, and apparently you can't access your account when banned, which means you can't cancel CC subscription.

  • Yikes! Thanks for the heads up, Mipey.

    I wonder why they chose a monlithic payment model, instead of going to the much more user friendly micro-payment model.

    I realize George Lucas probably had little-to-nothing to do with the MMO, but I blame him for ruining Star Wars for me. Thanks a lot George!

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  • Oh, and someone got into a zone with higher minimum level than his. Perma ban.

  • I'm currently playing SWTOR (EU server PvE Bacca's Blade) and really enjoying it.

    As story goes its pretty decent. Everything is voiced and feels polished. Normal MMO drawbacks with questing but pretty fun otherwise. I'm currently only level 19 so cant comment on end game.

    To note: Quite a few bugs/glitches. Space combat sucks, no plazak or swoop racing and PvP needs balancing but its a new MMO so this is to be expected.

    I wanted to play through another KOTOR so i didn't mind paying �40, I'll probs keep it running for a couple of months and then put it down for a year and then start up again once more content is released.

  • Heard they spent up to 200 million on this game. That's 19 times as much as the original film, almost as much as avatar, and 2/3 the budget of the entire lord of the rings trilogy...that's right, the ENTIRE trilogy. Enough money to make 2000 indie games at $100,000 a game. Really puts it in perspective, eh?

  • I have been already come out from it.I played it when I study in school.But I think playing game is to find happiness.if spend much money on it,do you happy??

    This is a hated measure.

  • I saw some videos about a year ago, I think my thoughts where: the combat system looked dull, the dialogue boring, the characters ugly, the graphics a generation behind, and the environments lifeless.

    I wonder if it has now improved to a quality similar to those early trailers (called Hope and Deceived), but if it has grinding then I won't be interested regardless.

  • but if it has grinding then I won't be interested regardless.

    From what I've heard the gameplay is very much like WoW. Almost to such an extent that you can check the similarities point by point and get almost identical results (ok maybe a bit of hyperbole there). So yeah, there probably is a fair bit of grind, but I've heard the argument that "the story is so good" that it doesn't feel like a grind. I'm more than a bit skeptical of the accuracy of that statement, but then again I am far from the target audience for this game.

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