Spore will force me to ps2.0

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  • So.. i just downl... hrm. legally bought Spore (aka. sim everything) and it appears it demands PS 2.0. I think this might finally get me to buy a new graphics card. Otherwise it would have been a total waste of bandwi.. hrm. Money.

    Anyone played the game? is it worth buying a new card?

  • I haven't played it yet, but the PS 2 shaders in Construct are very useful and can be used to impressive effect. You can also use the effect controls to allow alternative rendering for cards without PS 2.0.

  • You reminded me, going to get Spore .

  • I played with the creature creator when it came out. I wasn't impressed. No matter what creature I built, the canned animations and reactions built into Spore made them all kinda look like the same creature anyway. That was enough to turn me off of Spore on it's own. That and the dancing... ugh.

    Also, from everything I've read, Spore is about as shallow as a tidepool in terms of gameplay/replayability. I've gone through several threads following people's reactions from everything on the game itself to the SecuRom DRM, and the overwhelming response is that it's actually kinda crappy. Like, seriously about a 90% negative response.

    True, it might just mean that the people that like Spore are too busy playing it to bother posting about it, but the game forums I visit are populated with decent people who are are generally more likely to give praise to games they love rather than bash games they hate, so their opinions hold a little more weight with me than the rest of the internet.

    The only real test of whether or not it's good enough is if you try it yourself though. No matter what I or anyone else says, you're pretty much the only judge that matters. But I will say this: Get a PS2 card anyway. It's worth it for Construct alone.

  • All you have to do it watch Yahtzee's "Zero Punctuation" review on Spore... nuff said.


  • My experience with Spore went as such:

    • Great interest before release.
    • Zero interest at release.
    • Ended up buying it out of a quick decision.
    • Hated the first stage. (cell)
    • Hated the second stage even more. (creature)
    • Found the third stage boring. (tribe)
    • Fourth stage most interesting, but still ... meh. (civilization)
    • Final stage was ... I don't know, I uninstalled Spore.
  • Damn, OK, maybe I don't have to buy it.

  • Yeah i remember thinking it was awesome. But turns out i haven't opened it a second time. The only reason i was playing it is because I had somewhere to be and was procrastinating

    Its not bad. Its just not that good.

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  • The biggest issue the game has, I feel, is that each stage of gameplay is too shallow. This might not seem so bad considering there are 5 stages, but the game doesn't feel like the sum of its parts.

    For 1/5 the price you can get the games best feature (the creature creator) as an individual product and save yourself time and money.

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