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  • Hey guys

    Thought I would share this with you all.

    Arsonide was kind enough to point me to it, and I think it can be very useful for extra protection for your important data files. It is an online backup/storage/sharing system called Spider Oak.

    It works, similar to DropBox I guess, but not. You can pick a folder or series of files, and "sync" them with the Spider Oak server. Unlike DropBox, Spider Oak does not have a "folder" on your PC where you simply copy files to, or a direct "folder share" facility... it does however offer an automated folder backup system where your files will always be kept safe and up to date.

    You can click my referral link HERE if you want to give me an extra Gb (plus an extra Gb for yourself too!).

    Alternatively you can PM Arsonide for his referral link, since he found it first!

    Lastly you can just Google it yourself, and sign up. You start with 2Gb but get up to 50Gb free from referrals. All data is encrypted. :)

    Have fun, and happy data security.


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