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  • Hola

    Les queria presentar una nueva Comunidad basada en Scirra Construct, en lengua Hispana!

    Se trata de un punto de encuentro entre usuarios de este Programa, junto al MMF de Click Team; para poder encontrar Soporte, Descargas, Tutoriales, Proyectos, y mucho mas en Espa�ol.

    Esperamos que se sumen a la Comunidad, que crece dia a dia, y cada vez entra gente con mas ganas de aprender y ayudar al resto.

    El link:




    I wanted to introduce a new community-based Scirra Construct, in Spanish language!

    This is a meeting point between users of this program, and MMF of Click Team; to find support, downloads, tutorials, projects, and more at Spanish.

    We hope to join the Community, which grows every day, and each time comes with more people willing to learn and help others.

    The link:

    Note: Sorry for my English!


  • Hmm, I can't sign up. It says "Debe seleccionar un valor del campo Listas." But I have everything filled in...


    Oh, never mind, I didn't see this:

    [quote:13cwiuxi]Selecciona tus Intereses recibir�s las mejores promos de la mano de Canalmail y participas en todos estos sorteos. PARA COMPLETAR EL REGISTRO ES OBLIGATORIO MARCAR AL MENOS UNA CASILLA.

    No, thank you. I don't want to sign up for spam mail.

  • That's a good one 'mmf-construct'. wait till construct dev team will see it XD

  • That's a good one 'mmf-construct'. wait till construct dev team will see it XD

    No, thank you. I don't want to sign up for spam mail.

    No problem man!

    But Server Forum has publicity, and be free I can not remove

    You're right with spam, but does not send a lot of publicity. Registered members on the Web have not complained of anything, but I would not say that this is good.

    Whoever can take a step by the Web, will be waiting openly.

    Thanks for all

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  • Hi!

    The Spanish Community its Updated!

    New Home Page! New Forums Order! 50% For each Engine!

    New people, New content!

    And... New URL!


  • saben si hay otra comunidad s�lo del Construct en espa�ol (> no existe) conozco la pero casi nadie pasa por los temas del programa.

  • hola ,me alegra saber que existe este foro en espa�ol

  • Hey whoa, nice thread necro post...

    Please provide a translation for your non-English posts, out of courtesy for our readers since we are primary (supposed to be strictly) an English speaking board. Thank you!


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