Sonic Amateur Game Expo 2008

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  • Hey,

    If anyone was wondering why I disappeared for a while well, it was getting my servers and such ready for this event... I realized that nobody posted about it here, but thankfully, Registration has extended to the 16th for those who want to participate...

    tldr; click on Official Topic

    S.A.G.E. is a 10 year old online event where Sonic fangames were traditionally showcased in an expo like format. However, a few years ago, this has opened up to allow other fanmade creations, and completely original content.

    Going by last years stats, we got around 5000+ unique visitors for the entire week of the event, so if you want to show your creation here, you'll get plenty of exposure...

    We have a few special guests this year, some returning, some new.

    <img src="">


    Mike Pollock: Current voice of Dr. Robotnick (or Eggman)

    They'll all have scheduled IRC chat times to answer your questions.

    You can find out everything here Be sure to check the official topic

    Contests, Concerts, tourneys, games, more games, and fun! From the comfort of your own computer chair (or floor rug, if you're like me )

    Demos are perfectly acceptable... Freewebs hosting is not... (my unofficial rule since those sites were knocked out first) So I'll be offering hosting for this event.

    This would be a great time to get greater prerelease exposure to Construct. We have games made in MMF, TGF, Gamemaker, RPG Maker (look out for The White Box), C++, Blender, Motorola assembly, etc... There's even an open source game that I just happen to be hosting, but will keep quiet about until the show... Remember, demos are acceptable. No matter how short they are...

    Just be sure to have something to show... Some featured Games this year:

    <img src="">


    Separating posts so it doesn't seem to be a wall of text...


    To copy myself:

    You get full FTP access...

    Email or PM me for details... It's easier for me to catch the email, but I"ll be checking my pm box whenever

    You'll get all the space you need. I can literally give 500MB per person if necessary... And you'll get a subdomain: and full FTP access...

    So... templates so far - Keep in mind the first one is not complete (to my satisfaction anyway): - This one features a dynamic gallery system. All you have to do is put your images in a folder and the booth takes care of the rest. This one is a bit more complicated to edit, but it's quite stylish...

    There will be an alternate version using a coverflow like image gallery coming soon. Ask for that if you want it when you sign up for hosting... - Simple, easy to edit template. Two color schemes currently: Deep Blue and Shadow the Hedgehog. But it's a very easy to edit template... Image gallery will be dynamic as well, and will also have a Coverflow gallery option.

    All templates I create will be XHTML 1.0 Valid and CSS 2.1 Valid, and tested on IE, Opera, Safari, Firefox, and Konqueror.

    If you have any questions or need any help with anything, Just send me a message... And even if you don't plan on showing anything, this should be a really fun event...

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