SONAR Games is rebooting...

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  • Hi guys, maybe you've looked at my games and played them, thanks for that.

    But I want to tell that SONAR Games is having a reboot.

    Yes, a reboot. It means that the games currently in development like Perry World, Perry Super Pack, Brick Breaker X: Rescue Rush, Brick Breaker X: Blitz and Round Rotate (all of them are made with Construct 2) will be erased and redeveloped from scratch. This is because of technical problems on my PC and I've forced to format it, and I'm forgot to back up those projects completely. So, the files are damaged in an external hard drive that I borrow.

    So, for who was waiting for one of these games, sorry for that but I've to remake everything for the game and I'll focus on only, one simple game only. I'll back to action in Monday so stay tuned...

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