is there something like for sound?

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  • has alot of ridiculously high quality photos and textures for free for use in any way other than just reposting them unaltered as textures somewhere else

    is there something like that with sound?

    I know there are tons of free sound effects on the web, but they usually sound like they were recorded with a broken $1 pc mic with frayed wires, in the middle of an electrical storm next to an AC unit, and then downsampled so they could be played on an atari 2600.

    I mean high quality. I don't even mind if I have to pay a little money per sound effect. I just want them to sound really good. large variety and good search function would be nice, too

  • Try OpenGameArt

  • Not free, but worth a look (search & preview completely free):


    I'm not sure about the license here, it's CC but can't read about use in commercial products. Also the quality goes from nearly ok to superb:

    The Freesound Project

  • opengameart was a little difficult to search but thanks anyway

    tulamide those are awesome

    I had just bought something from soundsnap a few minutes before you posted that

    and the freesound project has some awesome stuff, and license seems fine as well

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  • I think I have something called ol skool in soundsnap so I can get 5 sounds for free per month and well I'm not using it so if anyone wants something and I still have some "reserve" send me a pm or something

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