[Solved] Trying to import PubNub Networking

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  • EDIT:: I found out i was overlooking it or something but i found the rfc822 module. Sorry about that. Will post my luck with pubnub networking.

    Link to python api https://github.com/pubnub/pubnub-api/tree/master/python

    More Info on PubNub:

    [quote:168cl0w3]PubNub is an Internet-Wide Messaging Service for Real-time Web and Mobile apps and games. PubNub is a Massively Scalable Real-time Bidirectional Messaging Service in the Cloud. APIs available in JavaScript, iPhone, Android, Flash, Ruby, Python and more which all deliver bidirectional Real-time messaging service in the cloud. PubNub is a JavaScript Push API for Real-time Applications. PubNub is a client-to-client push service in the cloud. Browsers, Mobile Phones, Flash Games and Web Servers can talk with each other in RealTime over XDR, Web Socket, TCP and URL Callback Push Services. PubNub manages endpoint conversations automatically. No need to manually scale and maintain a push server. This github repository hosts Client APIs for PubNub to make it super easy using Publish and Subscribe (Send and Receive). Learn more about Publish and Subscribe at our PubNub webiste

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