So, I'm taking a "Spill Response Course" next week.

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  • I found out about it from my dad and we both got confirmations for the class. The Coast Guard and OSHA will be working together to train people to respond to the appearance of the oil spill on beaches. Once I finish the training I'll be put on a list to respond to a certain area if the worst happens.

    BP is only offering it to the coastal states (Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Florida) but it should be interesting. I mean... I hope the spill DOESN'T reach me, but if it does it will be good to know that I can at least do a little something to help.

    Plus, chicks totally dig environmental guys. Right?


  • erm, I know you're joking about the chicks part but being an environmentalist alone doesn't cut it, it'll definitely be a plus though.

    and congrats on getting in!

  • Heh, yeah I was just joking about that. Besides, I have it on good knowledge that conservationist chicks have terrible hygiene.

    (also a joke... )

    I'm guessing that the course is going to focus on cleaning the beach itself but not animals. You would probably need more specialized training to do something like that.

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  • That's a good thing you're doing! Let's just hope you never have to use your training. :)

    chicks totally dig environmental guys. Right?

    A handful of chicken feed might be more effective.

    Not to be judgmental or anything but I hope your love is purely platonic!

    <img src="">

    Personally I dig guys who don't accuse me of being poultry.

  • -snarky comment-

    Well, Caspis, at least your doing something good for others, and not being lazy like that damn Towerfiend.

  • Ugh... what a total joke that was.

    ALL training is performed on the site if you get called. The "class" that I just got back from was nothing more than a 4 hour presentation on work safety (it's actually supposed to be 6 hours).

    Essentially BP has you take this class so that they can say;

    "If you help at the site of a spill and do something to hurt yourself then you ABSOLUTELY CANNOT blame us for it."

    The safety lessons were mind numbing. The presenter basically just repeated what was written on each slide and repeated the same basic points over and over again.

    Here is an actual question from the test that you have to pass to be qualified to volunteer at a clean up site;

    True or False?

    Weathered Oil is very sticky.

    I shit you not.

    The entire class could have been an hour and a half, and that's including introductions, breaks and the test.

  • Land of opportunit....., er opportunists.

    Really surprised we haven't blown ourselves up yet, and blamed someone else.

  • Really surprised we haven't blown ourselves up yet

    well if we do, it'll be someone else's fault

  • I don't understand why BP doesn't just allow open calls for volunteers and make them sign some kind of waiver when they arrive at the site. You truly learn nothing whatsoever from this class so you would be just as prepared as if you didn't attend.

    Another question from the test;


    You should know the name of your safety supervisor and how to contact them.

  • rofl

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