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  • Don't know about you guys, but us from the UK, the snow here is incredible!

  • It never snows here, but we've got like a foot of snow. Went sledding last night. It's amazing

  • I'd say a couple of inches here in Malvern. The other side of the hills (and the hills themselves, of course!) likely has quite a bit more though - the town side never has that much.

  • Heh, i've spend in Blackpool almost 3 years, and on my first winter there i remember snow starts falling - for me it was something natural (i seen snow every year) but people from blackpool told me that it was first snow for over 20 years!!! and i was like: "umm...what?!"

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  • Canada has had snow for a while now ... it's a pain to have to shovel right after having just shovelled and the bitter wind is relentless but it's beautiful when time is taken to appreciate it

  • I heard about an ice berg with mother polar bear and her cubs floating up the Thames!

  • We have about a foot on the ground right now with more to come.... If you guys want to trade I would

  • We have about a foot on the ground right now with more to come.... If you guys want to trade I would

    I'll take your snow.

  • We have snow every winter, big deal... you got snow and everything is "frozen" as i read

  • Bah, humbug. I hate snow

    We've had below-freezing temperatures here every night and I'm sick of it. I can't wait for summer. And some day I'm going to live somewhere that's warm all year round, maybe in a volcano or something.

  • Snow? We have had it already for... like... well. I don't remember how long :D.

  • snow started here in quebec since november (first fall), now we have way too much everywhere...

  • Can some snow fan explain to me the excitement of snow, for an adult at least? What I experienced was every bus in my city being cancelled, leaving lots of people including myself stranded in the town centre and having to take a long walk home past loads of gridlocked cars, being freezing cold, soaking wet, dodging snowballs from chavs and trying to keep from falling over for the two hour walk, not to mention ridiculously aching legs this morning and a very slow bus journey to work. I can't wait for the snow to melt away and never return.

  • who's adult?

  • Snow is a change from the tedium, it brings something new to the boring day-to-day life... a challenge. It spices things up.

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