Skyrim - What's it all about?

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  • I've just read the review of the latest Elder Scrolls game, Skyrim, and it really sounds good. But! I've never been interested in RPG games. So my question is:

    Is this purely an RPG? Is it single or multi-player, i.e. do you need to join a group in order to get the most from it or can it be played as a single campaign?

    Any thoughts, guys, are appreciated.

  • Don't trust them reviews! They have to give it at least 9.0 if they want to get the game earlier before everyone else.

    Anyway, here is a breakdown...

    • single player RPG with real time combat (pauseable)
    • no grouping, you simply hack'n'slash your way through the world. Or zap. Or burn. Or shoot. Whichever way you prefer.
    • there is crafting and lots of side quests. I think there are supposed to be procedurally generated quests, not played that long yet.

    A few gripes...

    • dumb controls (goddamn consoles ruin it all for PC release... gimme item and spell hotkeys back, bastards!)
    • dumbed-down (way way too easy to play, so any 5-years old kid could pick it up and finish it... but that of course means we who expect some quality gameplay will be disappointed)
    • still dumb glitches that shouldn't be present in a polished game (hairy cow got stuck on a fence, some npcs were clipping on stairs, corpses sometimes twitch crazily)

    However, so far I've enjoyed the experience so much I played straight for 3 hours and half before I finally hit save and then the bed. Money well spent, in my opinion.

  • Just bought it for the PC and will give it a go on Sunday when I have the time. :)

  • Get the Witcher.

    The price should be lower by now, and if you like it (and you will), youcan get the witcher 2 that got out this year.

    Mature story, good gameplay, and honest difficulty (not a one button/god mode Skyrim).

  • Playing it on PS3, can't say I'm disappointed! Lots of tomb-crawling, etc. I'm enjoying the variety in the characters' voices--much improved over Oblivion. Skyrim is truly some 'ol timey whack-a-mob fun.

  • I wasn't a fan of Oblivion. Great voice acting, story, I didn't like how the mobs leveled up with the player, I wasn't a fan of how the armor and stats worked. Which is why I've been hesitant on Skyrim. I guess I'll just wait in the shadows for Diablo III.

  • Having spent almost 8-10 hours a day for the last 4 days on this, I can truly say it is awesome :) There are som pretty big 'bugs' in the PC version, but these were easily fixed by unpacking a couple of the .bsa files.

    I'm now happily married to Lydia and living in Breezehome in Whiterun after completing the major arc of the game.

    Those who are interested in this game, beware - it's a life stealer!


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  • Well, I've played this almost non-stop since I bought it and it's fantastic! The openness is amazing and all the little touches like butterflies flying about really bring the world to life.

  • Yep, Skyrim is a good game. Not perfect, but enjoyable, which is a major plus in this age.

    Pssst... you can catch those butterflies.

  • Psst... and the Dragonflies... and the fish... ;)

  • And the glowbugs!

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