Here is my site. How does it look?

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  • Hi people,

    Below is my new site (built with wordpress). I wanted it to be clean, minimalistic and simple. But maybe i've exaggerated a little bit this simplicity thing. Does it look good or bad? And can you offer me a better wordpress template for publishing my games?

    Thanks in advance. (   Comments about the game are welcome too :) )

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  • yes definitely minimalist. maybe a little to minimal.

  • :) Not bad if you consider that is your first game

  • thank you both :)

    fluke939 you think i should change it?

  • ebrar depends of what you want the site to be. If you are just wanting to have a place to link to and have people see your game then fine. But if you to show off to potential employers or something like that than you might want to say a bit more about yourself.

    the minimal design is good, but so far the content is minimal too, you could keep the look of it but have more for visitors to do and read

  • fluke939 Yes you are right. I think i should keep examining other sites for inspiration. And i need a little more content too.

    What can i add to the site other than new games for now? My plan is making more and better games in future but what can i add there before making those games?

  • ebrar the easiest way the add content is probably to put a blog on there. you could keep visitors up to date with what you're making, let people know how development is going and things like that. maybe share video game development related links you find (i think this will also help from a SEO point of view making your site easier to find on google). i dunno, what is it you really want to get out of this site?

  • I actually really like the minimalism - just personal opinion.

  • sqiddster thanks for kind words. I like it too but most people don't :/

    fluke939 Thank you for your reasonable advices. But i think i'll keep it more tranquil for now. My main purpose is to make the main content (the game in this case) more visible and getting rid of distractors. Like a clearly [by evernote] for games.

    here is clearly

    i strongly recommend it by the way.

  • ???


  • ebrar

    like your game

    your site is simple but clean looking

  • thank you mineet

  • your welcome, best of luck with it

  • Ebrar,

    WOT ("Web of Trust" for those unfamiliar) says that your site is not recommended for safe usage - based on user feedback. Something you might want to look into because it will prevent people from coming to your site.

  • thanks another person also warned me about this problem (with screenshots) but i still don't know what can i do about it.

    The site's hosting service is provided by 1freehosting (as far as i know they are solid but) maybe this problem is related with them.

    But if anybody can tell me what can i do about this i'll appreciate it.

    By the way i learned a new way for making graphics for my games thanks to a site once mentioned, and that means there won't be any bad pixel art for my next games :) that's good news for your eyes and also a relief for real pixel artists.

    Here is the site and what i did is below (i tried to stay loyal to my original pixel art character)

    <img src="" border="0">

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