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  • Silent Hill Departure is a game I'm making that is sort of a fangame, but has no ties to the other game's stories. No Pyramid Head, no Order, a completely orginal story. Full details about the game can be foundhere

    The beta will NOT be the Main Game, but it's one of the unlocable "Episodes from Silent Hill" so the engine will be tested AND the story won't be revealed.

    I need beta testers. Here are some requirements if you are interested.

        > Must Have Windows OS.

        > Must Have Some time on there hands.

        > Must be able to provide honest, helpful feedback.

    Or if your not interested in being a beta tester, I would be interested in hearing everyone's ideas and what you think of this. Many thanks.

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  • I can beta test I suppose. But just a question, are you up to this? 5-6 hours of gameplay can be a lot of work, especially if that is just a regular playthrough. I would definitely not predict what my own game would have, its not a good idea to set up all of that before starting the game. I would think realistically first, and just start the game, before telling any one what it will have in detail, and think of ideas of what it will have as I go on. Because eventually, you won't have any energy left to finish the game, and if you do, you won't have a whole lot to work on another. Just saying, I like your idea of a Silent Hill fan game, but try not to bite off more than you can chew.

  • I gotta support a Silent Hill game that goes in the vein of originality (such as Shattered Memories. Best Wii game I've ever played, on par with Red Steel 2).

    However, yeah, are you sure about putting in the time? I once dabbled with the idea of a Bioshock game (still have the sprites), but I realized that it would probably be more than I could handle.

    That, and I'm a lot better at drawing Abstract characters than at drawing people...

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