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  • i don't know if there is shortcut keys in construct2 but im asking is there a way to make shortcuts or is it hard to do it??

    some shortcuts i would to see :

    ( ctrl + "=" )= zoom in like in all adobe programs

    ( ctrl + "-" )= zoom out like in all adobe programs

    ( N ) = open insert new object page

    ( when object selected + arrow up ) = send to top of layer

    ( when object selected + arrow down ) = send to down of layer

    ( when object selected + shift arrow up ) = send one layer up

    ( when object selected + shift arrow down ) = send one layer down

    this one i don't know how to explain: but when many objects selected and i want to small all of them with the same spaces between then so i click ctrl then move the points (the scale points).

    if you know some shortcuts that helps us tell maybe ashley will put all of them or make a way to let us make our own keys ^^

    thanks for reading ^^

  • I know that "ctrl" + mousewheel is zooming in and zooming out. Thats like the only one I know because I just join the community less than 12 hours ago <img src="smileys/smiley4.gif" border="0" align="middle" />. But yeah, I would like to see creatable shortcut keys.

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  • RandomHero even wheel not all people can use it , like me i don't know how to use the mouse im using the touch mouse (in laptop)

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