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  • Hey all,

    please forgive the blatant promotion.

    We are steadily growing a shmup related group on deviant art.

    I'm really hoping we can encourage more development of new shmups and bring some more players into the group for feedback and encouragement too.

    If you are developing your own shmup, feel free to use our group for some extra exposure and to promote your game.

    If you like the look of the attached image, there is plenty of other great graphics to be found there, from amateur and professional artists alike.

    Registering for deviant art is free, and so is joining the group, with an open submission system for posts.

    Here's some more from us..

    We are considering starting some articles, posts and community projects specifically targeting shmup development in Construct 2. We would love to hear from anyone willing to share open source or discussion on development in this genre with C2.

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  • Sent you a request on deviantart!

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