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  • Hey Guys,

    I'm a fellow game developer just like you. Most of you people might have developed games, few might have their work in progress and few might be at the starting point of game development. Everyone of was are filled with many experiences, especially on game development.

    Some people support us, motivate us, help us and be with us but not in all cases because there are people who try to pull our legs and demotivate. This has happened with me too, when people try to demotivate, we might loose confidence and get a feeling like, Is it possible? Can I develop a game? If yes, will it get a hit record?

    Developing a game isn't easy, many of you might have developed them with lot of effort, talent and resources.

    Guys, I want you to share your experiences on the game development. Your experience might be a help to someone. Everyone of us has to share their efforts to someone on someday. I say, this is the right place and right time for you to share yours efforts.

    Get started, we're good listeners.

  • Guys, your success and failures might be a great learning to someone. So, please share.

  • The meme is strong in this one.

  • If so, why don't people join us?

  • Most people respond well to examples.

    In other words, you first.

  • The meme is strong in this one.

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    i think if you read, search the forum , you will find a few story's including mine,

  • Sure. newt

    Playing video games is my serious hobby. Since, my college days I dreamed of developing video games and starting of my own video game company.

    I always believed that one's hobbies and interests can be turned into one's profession. In my case, starting a video game company and leading a successful life in the video game industry.

    With the help of Lord Almighty, and a bit of talent and creativity I came up with a game concept. On December 2014, I shared the idea with my close friends but in return I got criticism and disbelief. I got no one to help me and support me. But I did not gave up, I started developing a game on my own. Its been a month I started it and completed 15 levels out of 40.

    After completing 10 levels, I showed my progress to the people who criticized me. You don't believe what they said, they said you have done it. That means they started believing me. Now, I got more confidence and I'm going to reach my goal soon.

    Having faith on God and on yourself, you can do wonders.

    Now it is your turn to share yours.

  • Dude, guide me. I'll definitely read it.

  • In my experience : you need great luck to get a hit record, for example (FNAF) a simple game with huge success also flappy bird and many other examples.

    So stick with small games with new ideas, and some day you may get a hit.

  • Yes, you are right. We don't know what people like. But when we get a hit, we'll forget our hard work behind that hit. A0Nasser

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  • Can anyone tell me,

    1. what it takes to get a hit?

    2. How to market our game?

    3. What is the best mode of earning money through game?

    4. What audience like most in games?

    5. How to attract people and make them play our game?

    And any other tips as a game developer?

  • OMG, there are lot of people with lot of experiences in this group, no one knows a bit?

  • I really enjoyed the process and there is good resources to learn the game making with C2

  • jack05282

    Yes, you are right. Recently, I released a game called Mr.ClimTree in the play store. Please check it once.

    With C2, I'm planning to do much more in the near future.

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