Setting up a VPN - Hamachi, Leaf, U-lan, etc

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  • Been meaning to make a tutorial for certain people who are in my Leaf list.

    There are a few things you need to do in order to get the VPN adapter to function correctly.

    These instructions are for Windows 7 users. Vista and XP may differ.

    1. Order the network adapter to be primary after installing the VPN software.

    • Open your Network and Sharing Centre
    • Click on Change Adapter Settings
    • Press ALT
    • You will see a menu now that you didn't see before....
    • Go to Advanced, then Advanced Settings
    • Order the VPN network adapter (Leaf, Hamachi, etc) to the top

    2. In Windows 7, ordering the network adapter doesn't totally fix the order in which windows chooses to use the adapter. It's annoying. To fix this open a command prompt (START > little typing box > cmd (enter)

    • Type "route print"
    • Check the order of network adapter in first category. Should be at top if you followed step 1 correctly)
    • Notice that the metric interval in category 2 for each netowrk device. Make note of the number for the VPN network IP address (usually If it is not the lowest number, go to step 3. If it is the lowest number then you are done.

    3. Open your TCP/IP v4 settings (where you specify IP address and DNS settings) and click ADVANCED.

    • Down the bottom of the page you will see a thing called Metric Interval.
    • Untick AUTOMATIC
    • Put in the number "1"
    • On some computers if you are using Hamachi this will stop your network from working at all, this is why I use Leaf instead even though it's not as good as Hamachi.
    • now do a "route print"
    • The metric interval should be 1st in the list.

    Everything should now work properly.

    If it doesn't or you do not get the expected results, let me know


  • So what is VPN good for?

  • VPN = Virtual Private Netowrk

    Think local area netowrk (LAN)... but over the internet.

    You can browse my personal shares which include but is not limited ot:

    • 600gb of BluRay movies
    • 200Gb of Div Rips
    • 300Gb of TV Shows and series
    • 250Gb of music videos
    • 150Gb of MPs
    • 150Gb of images
    • 600Gb of ISO images (games, apps, etc)

    PLUS, you can play games over LAN as if the person was sitting at a PC next to you.



  • Ohh. Sounds useful.

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